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2020-21 Hyundai Palisade recalled to address windshield wiper issue

Hyundai is recalling more than 120,000 Palisades to address an issue with their windshield wiper motors that can lead to intermittent operation or outright failure. Hyundai is not sure exactly what the issue is, nor how to address it, but the issue is only present in models built through February 2021. While it remains under investigation, Hyundai believes the problem is related to the increased load put on wiper motors by the accumulation of ice and snow. 

“The root cause is currently under investigation; however, Hyundai suspects a sudden increase in wiper system load could cause circuit breaker actuation within the wiper motor resulting in temporary inoperability. Wiper operation resumes once the circuit breaker resets and/or the windshield is cleared of obstruction,” Hyundai’s defect report to NHTSA said. 

Hyundai says it does not have a remedy in place yet, but notes that the motors used in vehicles manufactured after February 2021 do not exhibit the issue. So the most likely solution would be to retrofit motors from later 2021 and 2022 models onto the older cars. However, rolling changes between model years could make that difficult or even outright impossible. Hyundai should have a solution in place before notices are distributed to dealers and owners in October. 

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