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Are you afraid that your motorcycle will get damaged parked outside? Cover it up with the finest motorcycle covers of 2022 and never worry again. Motorcycles are rugged machines when they’re on the road. You can ride one for hundreds of miles without experiencing any hiccups, and even a basic high-quality bike is extremely tough. The same bike, though, is also quite fragile if left outside in the elements, so a smart decision is to wrap your bike in a top-tier motorcycle cover of 2022 to keep it safe.

These covers are a portable shelter for your motorcycle. You can keep them tucked inside your motorcycle bag and deploy them at a moment’s notice whenever they’re needed. This might sound too good to be true, and while that’s not necessarily the case, only the highest-quality motorcycle covers will provide proper protection. We’ve done all the research for you, and here’s our curated list of five motorcycle covers worthy of draping over your precious bike. Take a look.

Our Picks Of The Best Motorcycle Covers of 2022

Favoto Universal Motorcycle Cover: Recommended

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The Favoto motorcycle cover proves that universal covers can be just as high-quality as custom-made ones. Its expertly crafted shape allows it to fit perfectly on motorcycles up to 96.5 inches in length, and this fit becomes even better thanks to its innovative lock-hole design. These holes can tie the cover down or lock the bike as an anti-theft measure, and three reflective stripes make this motorcycle cover plenty visible, preventing any unfortunate nighttime accidents. The thing that stands out with this motorcycle cover has to be its exceptional polyester fabric. This fabric can keep your motorcycle safe from everything, including UV rays, wind, rain, pollen, dust and snow. Its black exterior color gives it an understated look, while its silver lining on the inside keeps the bike cool underneath the sun. Each of these attributes comes together to make this motorcycle cover a step above the rest.


  • Reflective stripes to prevent nighttime accidents
  • Black exterior for an understated look
  • Silver interior to keep motorcycle cool
  • Better fit thanks to lock-hole design


  • Included storage bag is not very sturdy

XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover: Another great option

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The XYZCTEM motorcycle cover is perfect for rainy weather, and its unique 210D Oxford fabric provides water protection like nothing else. You can leave your motorcycle out in a rainstorm with this cover (although we suggest avoiding that if possible) and it will still be completely dry on the inside. With this impressive water resistance comes exceptional resistance to other elements as well, further increasing this cover’s overall protection. What makes this motorcycle cover notable is its lightweight, yet durable construction. It can cover even the largest bikes with ease (with a maximum supported bike length of 108 inches), but you can also fold it up into a package that’s small enough to fit into your pocket. When in use, the elastic rim, plastic buckles and aluminum lock-holes combine to make this cover a secure fit for your bike.


  • Easy-to-store, lightweight construction
  • Covers and protects large bikes
  • Industry-leading water and dust protection
  • Soft fabric protects against scuffs and scratches


VELMIA Premium Bike Cover: High quality

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The VELMIA premium motorcycle cover can make every other cover look fragile in comparison. Every aspect of its construction further reinforces its protection and durability, and it can provide total safety from the sun, wind, rain, snow and more. The cover will stay secure no matter the weather or temperature, and it’s an all-year motorcycle cover with almost no drawbacks. The time it takes to actually cover your bike is somewhat high, but the secure result you’ll be left with can make it worth the extra effort. This motorcycle cover can keep your bike safe while also helping it stay in pristine condition. Its tearproof fabric keeps it safe in outdoor locations with a lot of foot traffic, and the fabric’s UV stabilization keeps it from deteriorating under the sun.


  • Long-lasting durability and UV resistance
  • Bike safety thanks to metal lock-holes
  • Vibrant reflectors for nighttime accident prevention
  • Transparent window to display your license plate


  • Takes a few minutes to deploy completely

Tokept Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Versatile

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There are so many unique bikes out there that finding the right-sized cover can take some time — and lots of it. Instead, simply pick up this large universal motorcycle cover from Tokept and adjust it to the size of your bike. This cover can accommodate bikes up to 116 inches long, and its sturdy elastic band and plastic buckle straps help secure it to various motorcycles with ease. The sleek design and eye-catching color of this motorcycle cover are nothing to laugh at either. The mixture of black and orange prevents your covered-up motorcycle from looking bland while also keeping it visible, and it only takes seconds to completely cover any bike. Once deployed, your bike will experience above-average sun, wind, water and dust protection thanks to this cover.


  • Comfortable fit for motorcycles under 116 inches
  • Eye-catching orange and black color scheme
  • Long-lasting 190T Oxford fabric 
  • Requires less than a minute to deploy


  • No reflector stripes anywhere on the cover

WDLHQC Motorcycle Cover: Great value

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High-end motorcycle covers can get very expensive very quickly, but the WDLHQC motorcycle cover shows that price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality — this is an exceptionally well-built motorcycle cover that comes at a surprisingly low price. The cover’s 210D high-quality Nylon Oxford material is superior to most expensive options, and it can withstand up to 2,000 Pascals of water pressure without letting a single drop through. Setting durability and protection aside, this motorcycle cover’s design makes it worth the money alone. Its sleek black color and angular fit offer an almost futuristic look to your motorcycle, and with a maximum supported length of 105 inches, this cover can protect a large chunk of popular motorcycles from all the major brands.


  • Industry-leading water resistance
  • Tear-proof fabric for added protection
  • Sleek, lowkey design
  • Storage bag included


  • Takes up quite some space when folded

Buyer’s guide for finding a motorcycle cover

Leaving your precious motorcycle outside all day, every day can be a distressing experience. Everything from sunlight to rain can destroy its body and harms its functionality, and if it’s in a public space you also have to worry about other people messing with it. The ideal solution to this problem is to pick up a high-quality motorcycle cover, and in this buying guide, we’ll be discussing some factors that can help you find the right motorcycle cover for your ride in 2022. 

Don’t cheap out

The key thing to focus on when buying a motorcycle cover is “high-quality,” as this will determine the fate of your motorcycle. Remember that you’re entrusting your entire bike to this stitched piece of fabric, so don’t cheap out on the motorcycle cover, and get the finest one you can. Let’s say you saved a few dollars by going with a cheap option — well, those few dollars will quickly evaporate if your bike becomes damaged and requires hundreds of dollars of repairs due to incomplete weather protection.

Expensive does not equal high-quality

This is the complete opposite problem of buying cheap, but it’s an equally bad idea. Spending too much in hopes of getting the top cover is not going to get you anywhere. You might luck out and get a high-quality motorcycle cover, but more often than not you’ll end up wasting your money on some luxury motorcycle cover that offers minimal protection. 

So what can you do instead?

Evaluate your options

The smart way to find the right motorcycle cover is to evaluate each available cover on the following criteria:


The first factor in finding the right motorcycle cover is size. Here you have two options to choose from: 

The first is that you get an extra-large motorcycle cover, put it on your bike, tighten it up a bit and call it a day. This is a valid strategy and can save you time when searching for a cover, but this isn’t a long-term solution. A larger cover will not provide the weather and wind protection that a properly fitted one can. 

The other option is to measure your bike and get a cover that’s the right size. The easiest way to do this is to measure the distance between the front edge of the front wheel and the furthest point on the back, and you can then use this length to find the right size. Looking up covers for your specific bike model will also improve your chances of finding a good fit.


Getting the material right is a crucial factor when buying a motorcycle cover. Your choice of material will reflect everything from protection and durability to aesthetics and safety. The ideal motorcycle cover material will have excellent water and dust protection while also being lightweight and tearproof, but a cover with all of these properties is going to cost a lot. If you don’t want to splurge on one of these covers, you can instead prioritize the features you want. 

You can choose between water or wind protection depending on the climate of where you live. Do you travel long distances with your bike? Well, then you’d want something light and portable. Will you be parking in a safe, private space? Then you can skip out on tear resistance without any issues. If your motorcycle is going to be indoors, then a breathable, dust-resistant cover is all you need. 


This consideration involves two key factors. The first is deployment time, and the second is deployment options. 

The deployment time of the cover needs to be as low as possible — a typical cover takes no more than a couple of minutes to set up. Some exceptionally well-designed covers can be deployed in a matter of seconds, though this number also depends on the size of the cover relative to the size of your bike. 

Deployment equipment, on the other hand, refers to the hardware that secures the cover to the motorcycle. These include an elastic band to maintain a general shape, plastic buckle straps for quick mounting and lock holes for ultimate security. All three of these are must-haves to get the right fit and protection for your bike. 

A quick side note — look for motorcycle covers with metal lock-holes, as these are more secure. 

Additional features

These features are not needed for a motorcycle cover to be effective, but having these can make your life a lot easier.

Reflective stripes

Reflective stripes are a necessity for dark motorcycle covers that are going to be used in a dark public area or garage. These reflective stripes start glowing as soon as any light reaches them, signaling that there is an object there to avoid. You can also find fully reflective motorcycle covers, but they usually lack in other critical areas, such as weather protection.


Quality motorcycle covers are excellent at protecting your bike from UV rays and other adverse effects of sunlight, but what about the covers themselves? After a few years under the sun, UV rays can cause faded colors and even deteriorate fabric if worse comes to worst. Having a UV-resistant layer on top of the cover can be quite helpful, as it will improve the cover’s overall durability, increasing its lifespan in the process. 

Transparent license plate window

These will only be an issue if you’re parking in a publicly accessible area. Even if parking is completely legal, having your license plate clearly displayed is a must in many areas around the country. Some covers solve this issue by including a transparent plastic window on the back of the cover but keep in mind that this window will reduce the overall security of your motorcycle cover. 

Motorcycle Cover FAQ’s

Do I need a cover for my bike if it’s stored in a garage?

It’s generally still a good idea. You should always cover your motorcycle, no matter if it’s parked outside or inside. Your bike will be safe from direct rain or sunlight in a garage, but it still needs protection from dust and airborne moisture. 

Can I put a motorcycle cover in the washing machine?

See what the manufacturer of your motorcycle cover has to say about this, as it varies from one cover to the next. Machine wash is not a common feature of motorcycle covers, though, so you should wash your cover manually to be on the safe side.

Do bike covers scratch your bike?

They shouldn’t, as long as they’re used properly. If you’re experiencing scratches from your cover, then try cleaning it thoroughly. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then you should replace the motorcycle cover with a better one.

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