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Mazda 3, CX-5 lose features due to chip shortage

The ongoing semiconductor shortage seems to have taken a nibble out of the Mazda 3 and CX-5, at least temporarily.

A poster on the Mazda CX-5 Club Australia Facebook page discovered a running spec change on the popular mid-sized SUV, specific to its powered tailgate, which loses its hands-free ‘kick sensor’ function.

The latest factory specification lists on the Mazda Australia website now verify the CX-5 GT SP and Akera grades are indeed no longer available with this feature, and instead receive a regular powered tailgate with remote operation.

CarExpert has confirmed the above with Mazda, and understands this particular change to the CX-5 is going into effect from August production onwards. The change is expected to be temporary, with regular specification to return when there are more chips in the supply chain.

Another change that’s now reflected on the Mazda Australia website is the Mazda 3 G25 GT losing its 12-speaker Bose premium sound system, swapping to an eight-speaker unbranded audio setup – again, as with the CX-5, this change is expected to be temporary.

It’s worth noting that flagship Astina variants still receive the 12-speaker Bose premium sound system.

The feature cuts are due to semiconductor shortages, which every automaker has been grappling with to some extent.

“Global parts supply, factory closures and logistics issues continue to challenge automotive manufacturing, nevertheless we continue to work closely with our dealer partners to deliver customer orders as soon as possible,” said a Mazda Australia spokesperson.

“Customers are encouraged to speak directly with their dealer to confirm availability and delivery estimates for their model of choice.”

Regardless of all the specification adjustments, there haven’t been any price changes since the last $200 adjustment in May 2022.

Pricing for the flagship 2022 Mazda CX-5 GT SP starts at $48,990 before on-road costs with the 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, and $51,490 with the 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.

Pricing for the flagship Akera is also unchanged at $50,880 before on-road costs with the 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, $53,380 with the 2.5-litre turbo four-cylinder petrol engine, and $53,880 for the 2.2-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine.

The 2022 Mazda 3 G25 GT is priced from $35,190 before on-road costs in both hatch and sedan forms.

Mazda definitely isn’t alone in feeling the crunch of the semiconductor shortage, with almost every brand either holding off production until it can get better supply or removing certain features to get the cars delivered quicker.

To read an evolving list of which brands and models are currently affected by semiconductor shortages, click here.

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