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Our Favorite Seat Gap Fillers in 2022

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Do your belongings often slide off the seat and disappear? If you said yes, you need the leading seat gap fillers from 2022 to help you overcome this issue. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you realize you just dropped your cell phone or keys between seats, and have to dig for them while being nearly late for work. This mess can be easily avoided with seat gap fillers! Sometimes you don’t have room in your console for everything, or you’re in a rush, so you dump your belongings in the passenger seat and pray that hard right turn didn’t just propel your iPhone into the unknown. If these issues sound all too familiar, try taking a look at our premium lineup of the top seat gap fillers 2022 has to offer.

These less than ideal solutions won’t do much except lead to a stressful situation and lots of rooting around beneath your seats, which is why having a seat gap filler can be a good idea. You can cover up the entire vacant space between your car seat and the center console with a seat gap filler, so if you drop something it will rest on the filler’s surface rather than becoming lost in the space between your vehicle’s seats.

Top seat gap fillers worth considering in 2022

Drop Stop Car Seat Filler: Our pick

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If you’re looking for an efficient seat gap filler with outstanding performance, consider this Drop Stop car seat gap filler. It’s made from soft foam so its structure is squishy, and while installing the filler you can stretch it and push it between the seat and console gap without leaving any space. This car seat gap filler has a neoprene casing to adjust to any gap size with ease. It has a stretchable and universal hole at one end through which you can slide the seat belt buckle for a snug fit and hassle-free driving. This car seat gap filler can prevent items from becoming stuck between the console and car seat space, and to top it off the pack comes with two bonus items— a LED credit card light for easier transactions and a slip-free pad for keeping objects in place, regardless of their orientation.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Will not damage car seat or console
  • Subtle, low-key look


  • No extra storage space included

Supin Leather Seat Filler: Another great option

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This Supin car seat filler is highly durable and can last for a long time, meaning you won’t have to look for another one anytime soon. It’s made from a soft, squishy sponge, allowing you to squeeze and stretch it during installation, and this is why this seat gap filler is considered a universal fit that can be used with trucks, small cars, sedans, SUVs, and more. The leather cover on all sides will keep the sponge safe from damage, and it won’t fade or suffer from scratches. Its sleek design can complement your console wonderfully, and there’s a built-in slot at one end for the seat buckle, while on the other end you have a detachable cup holder. With this car seat gap filler, you can keep your coffee cup or water bottle easily within reach while ensuring that no accessory will slip down into that dark gap.


  • Won’t move or slip while driving
  • Universal design suitable for most vehicles
  • Easy to clean material


  • Too much weight can cause issues

Lusso Gear Seat Gap Organizer: Versatile

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If you’re looking for a versatile seat gap filler, this one from Lusso Gear should be your go-to. Unlike most fillers that have a bulky size, this car seat gap filler is slim and streamlined, with a slight curve at its center. This allows it to fit into the gap between your seat and console, provided the space measures between 0.5 inches and 2 inches. To increase performance and appeal, this seat gap filler’s walls are made from a high-quality sponge so that they can fit inside the gap effortlessly, while the top wall guard is manufactured with leather. If you want a sense of organizational freedom, you can use the four dividers and change the size of each section as needed. Clutter and mess under your seats can be a thing of the past, and even better is that this caddy-style gap filler is water-resistant and won’t lose its color any time soon.


  • Helps your belongings stay organized
  • Quick and easy install
  • A handful of color choices


Meidong Car Seat Filler Organizer: Also consider

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If you’re tired of cleaning up messes on your front seat, this Meidong seat gap filler/organizer has got you covered. It acts as a caddy, with a 7.4-inch long storage box and a 2.9-inch cup holder separated by a small divider. You’ll be able to store your phone, charger, drinks, and other important accessories without having to worry about accidentally losing them. You won’t have to keep items in or on your console, since this seat gap filler is spacious enough to accommodate maximum personal belongings. Because its walls are made from squishy sponges and its top guard is made of leather, you won’t have to worry about durability and performance. The touch of red in its seams can add some flair to the inside of your vehicle, making this seat gap filler a great choice for more than just practical reasons.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Increase your vehicle’s storage space
  • Quick to install


  • Can only fit gaps of 0.7 inches

Skyward Automotive Car Seat Filler: Another option

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This Skyward car seat gap filler has a minimalistic design, with a slim board base and a rectangular storage caddy attached to its top. All you have to do is push its board inside the empty space between the car seat and console so that the caddy is at the proper level, and if there happens to be more of a gap you can use the adhesive foam to support the base and create more traction. This seat gap filler pack has two inner rubber pads that prevent stored items from making noise due to movement, and its entire structure is made from rich, black acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic that makes it durable and quite appealing. Thanks to this seat gap filler’s unique wedge design, the caddy won’t intrude into your seating space no matter the size of the gap.


  • Fits almost all gap sizes
  • Eliminates clutter and makes storage easier
  • Full refund if you’re not satisfied


  • Some issues with seat belt interference

Buying guide: Seat gap fillers

There are so many options available, and choosing the right seat gap filler for your needs can be tiresome and even overwhelming. Getting the wrong product will be a waste of money and won’t serve its purpose, effectively blocking the gap between your car seat and console. It’s crucial to understand the variations that make each product unique and how this could impact your choice. In this section below, we’ve explained the most important factors you should consider in order to make a worthy and useful investment.

Which seat gap filler should I get— caddy-style or solid handle-style?

Seat gap fillers are divided into two categories based on their design and purpose. Before moving ahead with your purchase, you should know about the differences between these two.

  1. The solid handle-style car seat gap filler will fill the space between your car seat and console, but the caddy-style product will give you the option to store your belongings neatly and safely in one place
  2. Caddy-style car seat gap fillers have a rigid structure, which is why you’ll have to pay attention to size restrictions. With solid handle-style products, though, you won’t face these limitations
  3. Handle-style fillers won’t get dirty quickly due to their solid structure, but the same can’t be said for caddy-style products

Key factors for choosing a great seat gap filler


Seat gap fillers come in different sizes because not all car models and brands share the same design, meaning that gap size won’t be the same. In some cars, you’ll find a sliver of space between the seat and console, while in others the vacant area can be gigantic. Because of this, you’ll need a seat gap filler with an ideal size for your car’s seat gap. If you want to use the filler with multiple vehicles, go for a compressible product, but if you’re only going to use it in one vehicle you can get any size, provided it matches the gap width between the console and front seats.

Stretchability and compressibility

Some seat gap fillers are made from flexible and stretchable material so that you can easily fit them inside the vacant space, and they usually offer a universal fit that can be used in various cars. The extent of compressibility and stretchability will vary from one filler to the next, so if you want freedom when it comes to the gap’s width, go for a product with higher compressibility to quickly change its shape according to space. If you instead want flexibility in length, look for a stretchable filler.

Storage volume

If you’ve chosen a caddy-style seat gap filler, ensure that its internal pockets are large enough to meet all your storage requirements. If you want to keep your phone, ear pods, keys, coins, or other small items nearby, go for a product with less internal depth and a slim structure. If instead, you want more storage space inside your vehicle, look for a seat gap filler with a deeper and/or wider caddy, as this will allow it to easily accommodate wallets, notebooks, cell phones, and more.


If you want to keep your belongings organized in the car, it’s a good idea to go for a seat gap filler that comes with detachable dividers. This will help you alter each divider pocket’s space to accommodate the items you want to store inside, and you’ll have the freedom to use two to four dividers as you please.

Seat belt knot

Some seat gap fillers come with a built-in knot that needs to be slid down the seat belt buckle. This feature ensures there won’t be any hindrance while installing the filler inside the gap between the seat and the console, and such a design will help you move the car seat without having to detach the filler and reinstall it afterward.

Additional components

Not all seat gap fillers come with additional components, but the ones that do can certainly be worth the investment. You can get a slip-free pad to store items without having to worry about their stability, and some seat gap fillers come with a detachable cup holder that can prevent their weight from pulling down the filler. If you don’t want to be disturbed by the sounds of your accessories moving and knocking about, go for a product that comes with an additional rubber pad. Sometimes seat gap fillers are equipped with detachable foam pads to give you more leverage, but you’ll have to attach them to the base wall to use the entire arrangement to fill more significant gaps.

Materials used to manufacture seat gap fillers

A wide range of materials are used to make seat gap fillers, each having a different purpose. Check out the most common materials and why they’re used.

  1. ABS plastic is used to strengthen the seat gap filler’s structure and prevent damage
  2. A sponge is squishy and can be compressed easily, meaning you won’t have to worry about fitting your seat gap filler inside the gap
  3. Leather is often used to either cover the sponge core material or as caddy guard walls

How much does a seat gap filler cost?

Seat gap fillers vary in price, starting around $17.50 and rising to $24.99 based on multiple factors. Choosing a solid, handle-style filler will cost more than simpler caddy products, while leather products are more expensive than those manufactured with ABS plastic or sponge.

People also asked

Q: Do I have to buy two separate seat gap fillers for the driver and passenger sides?

No, seat gap fillers come in pairs, which means that a single pack will have two units– one for each side of the console. There is no need to buy another seat gap filler if you’ve already bought one.

Q: What color should I choose for the seat gap filler?

Most seat gap fillers have black, dark gray, or ash color shades so that you can pair them with your car’s interior, regardless of its shade.

Q: How should I clean the seat gap filler?

If the seat gap filler has dust or dirt on the surface, use a dry and soft cloth to wipe the top and clean any grime.

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