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Ride across the city on one of our favorite commuter bikes

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Looking to get around town without worrying about traffic? Pick up a high-quality commuter bike for a stress-free and active experience. Do you want to get exercise while saving the planet? Score one of the top commuter bikes of 2022 to minimize your carbon emissions and maximize your calf definition while riding to work or just for fun on the weekends.

Commuter bikes are designed to help you move around the city with little to no issue, so no matter which model you choose, a top-quality commuter bike reduces road congestion. If you’re thinking of grabbing one, you’re in luck, because we’ve shortlisted the highest-rated commuter bikes available to help get you to your destination.

What are the leading commuter bikes of 2022?

sixthreezero Commuter Bike: Top pick

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The sixthreezero commuter bike is a classic beach bike, with a 17-inch steel frame that provides you with ultimate durability and longevity. It features an upright riding style that ensures your shoulders and back remain comfortable throughout your ride, and it also has a dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips for ergonomic performance. This commuter bike comes with 26-inch, 2.125-inch-wide aluminum wheels with waffle treads to provide a cushioned and easy ride. This commuter bike also has old-school coaster brakes, letting you come to a stop effortlessly. This bike is available in multiple colors, sizes, and speed options, so you can pick the bike that suits your tastes, wants, and needs.


  • Durable, long-lasting body 
  • Ergonomic handlebar design
  • Various choices available


  • Designed only for flat roads


Ancheer Commuter Bike: Another great option

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The Ancheer commuter bike is a powerful ride that features a practical electrical system. It’s stocked with a removable 374.4Wh battery that provides pedal assist for up to 40 miles per charge, and its 350-watt brushless geared motor will make sure you always have reliable backup support available. This commuter bike has a top speed of 20 mph, helping you get where you need to go quickly and efficiently. This commuter bike comes with four levels of power assistance, allowing you to adjust these levels depending on location. The bike has a front suspension style for more comfort and better traction and an aluminum body with a carbon steel fork that ensures durability and longevity. 


  • Reliable backup support included
  • Provides a comfortable riding experience 
  • Durable, long-lasting design


EuroMini Commuter Bike: Also consider

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The EuroMini commuter bike is a foldable product with a lightweight aluminum frame that provides hands-on portability. This bike has seven speeds and a grip-style shifter that lets you change speeds and control the bike without any complications. This commuter bike also has folding pedals, a wide saddle, and a magnetic catcher to keep the frame in place. It also has a rear suspension with 20-inch wheels that let you maintain balance when riding, and it’s explicitly designed for use on trails. This bike is great for riders ages 16-75, letting you enjoy zipping around town or the trails in style.


  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Seven adjustable speeds
  • Maintains balance and stability


  • Better used on trails than other terrains

Vilano Commuter Bike: Versatile

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The Vilano commuter road bike is a hybrid bike that provides durability and comfort in a single design. It features 29-inch wheels and a rigid suspension that gives you better balance out on the road. This commuter bike has a hydroformed performance frame and fork, so you’ll be able to use it for a long time without any concerns. The bike is also equipped with a tool kit, just in case you do happen to run into any issues. This commuter bike has 24 different speeds and comes with disc brakes for excellent stopping power and upright handlebars for comfortable ergonomic use. Pedals are included at no extra charge and can be attached for easy use.


  • Lightweight, durable design
  • Provides great balance
  • Pedals included with purchase 


  • Assembly can be difficult

Finding your next commuter bike: A buyer’s guide 

To make a successful purchase, you need adequate knowledge about whatever you’re buying. Commuter bikes are no exception — our buying guide can help you find a high-quality commuter bike that fits your needs. 

What to look for 


The first thing to consider is the distance you wish to commute. Commuter bikes are not designed for extended use, and this means that you can’t take them on long journeys, like city-to-city trips. An average commuter covers a daily distance of about 20 to 30 miles, which makes commuter bikes a great choice for most office-goers. 


The track, or surface, you plan to ride on matters the most when picking a commuter bike. Some bikes are designed for flat streets, while others can carry you over bumpy trails and roads. 


You can have a comfortable journey on a commuter bike by picking features that suit your body type. A lightweight body with foldability lets you take it from one place to another without any load, and the width of the seat also ensures that there’s no unwanted strain on your spine and shoulders.


The speed of your commuter bike is an essential factor. Electric versions come with a predetermined speed that makes them suitable for a reasonably-paced ride, but riders have much more flexibility when it comes to cruising around on a fully manual commuter bike. 


Commuter bikes with more gears make riding on bumpy trails and rocky paths less difficult, but it’s easier to control a bike with fewer gears than one with multiple gears. 


Multiple accessories can be attached to a commuter bike, like extra storage or a toolbox that might come in handy.

Different styles of commuter bikes 

Listed below are the different styles of commuter bikes that can change the way you ride:

Urban commuter bikes 

These bikes are a relatively new phenomenon, and they can cater to the needs of city riders who largely don’t have to travel on bumpy roads. An urban bike is suited for flat routes and has a huge tendency for damage if they’re used on rocky or uneven surfaces. These commuter bikes have multiple gears to let you travel and slip through traffic for maximum control. 

Hybrid commuter bikes 

As their name suggests, hybrid commuter bikes are a combination of road, mountain, and touring bikes. These bikes have a durable, heavy-duty body which makes them more tolerant of external environmental conditions and they feature a soft seat with an upright position that helps the rider maintain posture and comfort simultaneously. Hybrid commuter bikes come with wider tires and light treads to take them from one kind of road to another without any discomfort.

Fixed-gear commuter bikes 

For people who want a simple yet effective experience, it’s a good idea to look for a commuter bike with fixed gears. These bikes run on one speed only and are suited to straight roads and tracks. Avoid taking a fixed-gear commuter bike on bumpy roads, as this can spell trouble.

Road commuter bikes 

A road commuter bike is designed for people who want to ride their bike regularly on city roads. It comes with flat-road-friendly features to cover longer distances, and they also come with extra storage space so working people can ride them to and from work with all their office-related belongings.

How to increase the life of a commuter bike 

Many professionals mention that using a commuter bike regularly might not be great for its life. Not all versions are designed to last long if used daily. To ensure that your commuter bike lasts as long as possible, it’s important to take mandatory cleaning and maintenance precautions. 


Cleaning a commuter bike involves a few simple steps. The first is to rinse the bike with water to remove any dirt. Apply soapy water liberally to remove any build-up. Your bike shouldn’t reach this stage, but it’s essential to remove dirt with a sponge in any case. After that, spray the metallic sections of your commuter bike with a high-end degreaser. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the cleaner and apply lubricant to the drivetrain of the commuter bike so that it remains safe in the event of weather changes. 


Maintenance shouldn’t be a rare thing, and the way you treat your commuter bike determines how long it will last. It’s essential to store the bike in a shady area without direct sunlight, and this prevents the color from fading or any changes to its body. Other than this, keep an inflation pump handy to maintain optimal tire pressure. 

Avoid using water pressure on an electric commuter bike — rinse it off with low-pressure water instead. Dirt build-up can quickly deteriorate your bike’s quality, so it’s essential to keep it clean, especially if you use it every day. 

Key components of a commuter bike

Here are the key components that keep a commuter bike working in tip-top shape:


There are multiple wheel sizes available, but a 28-inch wheel is preferred by most commuter bike riders. The wheel size should accommodate both your bike’s body as well as the expected weight of the user. Bikes with extra hurdle tolerance come with smaller wheels that provide better support and balance. 


Tires are your primary source of traction and stress absorption since they’re what come in contact with the road. Most city commuter bikes come with either smooth or lightly treaded tires, and this should be sufficient for riding. Urban bike tires are frequently somewhat broader than those on standard road bikes — wider tires provide better grip, while tires designed primarily for urban travel are more puncture resistant. Thicker tires are ideal for heavier weights.


Commuter bikes are a great way to travel if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic. When choosing a commuter bike, it’s essential to consider gears, wheels, and tires, as well as the distance you plan to travel. Make sure the bike is cleaned and maintained correctly for long-lasting use, and we hope to see you out on the road on our next ride!

Commuter Bike FAQs

Q: How long does a commuter bike take to travel from one place to another? 

On average, most people usually take around 30 minutes to cover seven miles, but the speed of your commuter bike also depends on whether it’s manual or electric-powered. Manual bikes usually have a lower speed in comparison to electric ones.

Q: How do I determine if a commuter bike is a right size? 

If sitting on a commuter bike hurts your groin or causes difficulty traveling, then it’s too small. If the pedals are too far away, the bike is bigger than your size. It’s essential to have a one to two-inch distance when standing over the seat with your feet on the ground. 


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