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Subaru recalls nearly 200,000 Imprezas to address headlights that may be too dim

Subaru is recalling a large swath of Impreza models produced for the 2017-2019 model years to address issues with their headlight reflector housings that can result in substandard performance. The recall covers 188,397 base and Premium models equipped with reflector headlights and excludes Limited models with LED units.

“The left and right side reflex reflector and left side low beam reflector may inadequately reflect light,” Subaru’s notice said. “Dealers will replace the front headlamp assemblies, free of charge,” Subaru’s documentation said. 

“Subaru recommends owners check with their retailer to confirm if their VIN is part of the campaign,” a company spokesperson told Autoblog

The headlight units will be replaced entirely to address the issue. Notifications to owners will be mailed starting in October. In the meantime, Subaru customer service can be reached at 1-844-373-6614. 

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