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Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | All of the trucks

Trucks are as popular as they’ve ever been these days, and the 2022 running of the Woodward Dream Cruise did not disappoint in the number and variety of rigs. The Dream Cruise took place last Saturday, running from Ferndale, MI to Pontiac, MI along Woodward Ave., and per usual, the crowds were out lining every inch of the road to watch the greatest traffic jam in the world.

If trucks aren’t your thing, we have other galleries to choose from, too. You can check out our gallery of weird cars, dogs and bikes here. Or, you can peruse through the meat and potatoes of the Dream Cruise with classic and modern American muscle here.

For trucks, Jeeps and other off-roading rigs, we have plenty for you to scroll through above. Yes, there are some ridiculous (bordering on unusable and undrivable) lifted trucks you’ll see here, too. That’s standard for Woodward, as many folks simply aim for the shock and awe factor over everything else. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful and well-preserved classic pickups to look through, as Woodward brings out some of the best in the region.

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